Dr Caroline Audouin is officially appointed by the CPS, and accepts third-party payments for acts costing more than 10,000 XPF.

For information, you'll find thereafter the list of the most common acts, with there respective usual price defined by the CPS:

  • Consultation (4.420 CFP),
  • Ear suctions (7.299 CFP),
  • Audiogram (3.215 CFP),
  • Nasopharyngeal fiberoptic endoscopy (6.211 CFP),
  • Trachea fiberoptic endoscopy (throat) (9.006 CFP),
  • Vertigo consultations (Nystagmuscopy video + Audiogram) (8.843 CFP).

(For information, you can hover the rates in XPF to get their counterpart in Euros.)